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What Are the Different Types of Commercial Heating Systems?


If you are preparing to install a new or replacement commercial heating system, there are several important factors to keep in mind. Cost is always important, but savvy business owners will consider the cost of use and repair in addition to the installation price tag. The efficiency and environmental impact of differing commercial HVAC systems may also influence your decision.

Different Types Of Commercial Heating Systems

To help you get started, we have provided a brief introduction to the different types of commercial heating systems available to you.

Oil or Gas Steam Heating Systems

The oil or gas steam heating system is one of the oldest ways to provide central heating to a commercial property. These systems use oil or gas fuel to boil and condense steam and then pass it through pipes. While it may be the elder statesman of commercial heating systems, this type of system hasn’t aged particularly well. Not only is it relatively inefficient in its use of energy, but it works slowly to heat a property because the steam has to boil and condense before heat can begin to circulate.

Gas or Oil Water Heating Systems

Like steam heating systems, water heating systems rely on a boiler powered by oil or gas. The similarities don’t end there: like steam heating systems, water heating systems are relatively inefficient and slow compared to other commercial heating options. In water heating systems, the boiler heats the water, which is then passed through radiators located throughout the building. The air in the system has to clear each time you turn on the heat, which wastes energy and adds time to the heating process.

Natural Energy Systems

Natural energy systems that use solar power, geothermal energy or other sustainable resources are great environmentally-friendly options. In addition, these systems are often more cost-efficient over a long period of time than oil or gas powered systems. Unfortunately, natural energy heating systems have a relatively high cost of installation, and are often reserved for larger businesses.

Heat Pump Systems

Heat pump systems essentially work like a refrigerator in reverse, extracting heat from the air and circulating it throughout a property. Since these systems don’t rely on a fuel source, they are extremely energy efficient and usually very cost efficient as well. Heat pumps require electric back-up heaters in case the temperature gets too cold to extract heat, and these systems may become uneconomic in places with below-average winter temperatures.

Let Us Help You Choose The HVAC System That’s Best For Your Business

No single heating system is the right option for each and every commercial property. The size and location of your business, as well as the size of your budget, will all factor in to your decision. At MightyServ, we are ready to provide you with expert advice to help you select the HVAC system that fits your business needs. Call us now to set up an appointment!


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