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What Are the Top Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Threats


The quality of the air you breathe has an impact on your health. This is why maintaining good indoor air quality, or IAQ, in the home and workplace are so important. Indoor smoking bans across the nation have done a lot to improve indoor air but many other airborne contaminants are still IAQ threats.

Top Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Threats

Gas Appliances

Carbon monoxide has no color or odor and it can be deadly. A small amount of this noxious gas is released every time a gas appliance turns on. The exposure is minimal unless there is something wrong with the equipment. You should have your gas appliances inspected by a professional as part of your preventive home maintenance plan. Install home CO alarms away from vents and choose devices that signal a warning when it is time for replacement.

Paint And Furniture

The PFCs (perfluorinated compounds) found in wall paint and protective coatings for carpeting and the upholstery on your furniture are helpful for repelling stains and water but they are toxic when released into the air.

Scented Fragrances

Many scented products, including cleaners, air fresheners, shampoos, lotions and bath soaps emit harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs). VOCs gain access to the bloodstream through skin absorption or inhalation.

Health Problems Associated With Poor IAQ

Some research indicates that over exposure to some airborne contaminants can be a trigger for a variety of health problems including allergy sensitivities and asthma. Exposure may also increase the risk of other problems and a variety of respiratory ailments.

Air Purification Services In Glendale, California

To create a healthy living environment for you and your family, it’s important to get regular fresh air throughout the home by opening up the windows. Fans can also at least help move the air. More importantly and to make the greatest impact, MightyServ offers air quality assessments for your home and effective air purification services in the Glendale area of California.

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