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Why Is SEER Used for Rating Heating and Cooling Devices?


People using any type of cooling device should know what is SEER. Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio or SEER is used to rate cooling appliances. The rating is based on energy efficiency performance of systems like HVAC, air conditioners and heat pumps. The rating is calculated taking into account an appliance’s cooling output for a given unit of energy that it consumes. Higher rating is given to systems that output more cooling while consuming less energy. The benefit of using such devices is that it results in lower electricity bill. Such a device is eco-friendly because it releases less green house gases. Rebates are available to users who use systems with high energy efficiency.

Devices that have higher SEER ratings provide greater efficiency. Federal government has made it mandatory for central air-conditioning equipment manufacturers to sell only those units that have minimum SEER-13 rating. Buyers should know that air-conditioning equipments with SEER rating of 18 or even 23 are available. An air-conditioning system having a minimum of SEER-16 rating should be installed to realize the advantages of using energy efficient system. Users who want to calculate their savings can easily do so by using Cooling Calculator. The calculator can be used to know the financial and environmental benefit of using high SEER rating air conditioners. In some states, homeowners can save more than $2000 during the lifespan of a system that has minimum SEER-16 rating.

Most homeowners in the US are still using old furnaces with very low energy efficiency. Such systems should be replaced with high-efficiency systems as soon as possible. A furnace’s efficiency is calculated using AFUE or Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency. This rating calculates the amount of heat delivered for each unit of fuel consumption. General systems usually have 80% AFUE which means almost 20% fuel is lost in fumes. Now there are furnaces that provide more than 95% AFUE.

HSPF (Heating and Seasonal Performance Factor) is used to rate air source heat pump. This type of pump is used to heat and cool homes in moderate climates. Similar to air conditioners, heat pumps use differential temperature between indoor and outdoor air temperature to cool or heat homes. A heat pump can work in both directions so it can be used to cool during summer months and heat during winter months. Heat pumps with higher HSPF give higher efficiency. Such heat pumps use less energy compared to conventional systems. Call us for the top-rated energy-efficient HVAC products in the industry.


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