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What is two-stage heating?


As you start to explore heating options for your home or office, you may need to think about the types of furnaces on the market. A two-stage heating furnace may work best in settings requiring improved efficiency and a subtler heating experience. This is what you need to know to decide if a two-stage furnace is right for your space.

What Two-Stage Heating Actually Means

Furnace stages refer to the amount of heat allowed to pass through the system. A valve controls the burner, and different settings change the position of the valve to influence the heat output. Most furnaces (single-stage furnaces) have one setting: you can turn them on or off. When using a single stage system on milder days, an owner may notice the system cutting on and off frequently to maintain the desired indoor temperature.

Two-stage heating systems, on the other hand, have a setting in addition to the on/off position. In a two-stage system, thermostat settings can completely or partially open the valve to allow heat to pass through. At the fully open stage, the furnace operates on high. At the partially open stage, the furnace releases a reduced level of heat (at about 65% of the maximum capacity).

A two-stage heating system gives the system more control over the level of heat output. On colder days, the furnace will operate at maximum capacity. On warmer days, it will reduce the overall output for consistent heating without constant on/off cycling.

Is A Two-Stage Heating System Right For Your Space?

Many home and business owners prefer two-stage heating systems over single-stage heating systems. While the systems cost more upfront, they deliver better performance and efficiency over time. Some of the benefits of switching to a two-stage furnace include:

• Improved temperature consistency. Greater control over the heat output gives a two-stage system the ability to maintain a constant temperature throughout an environment with ease. Owners rarely notice changes in temperature during unit on/off cycling when they invest in a two-stage heating system.

• Energy efficiency. If you live in an area with a variable climate, the two-stage heating system offers greater efficiency. During milder months, the furnace will run only at the lower setting and only operate at maximum capacity on an as-needed basis.

• Better air filtration. Two-stage systems often run at a lower output on a regular basis. As a result, more air moves through the system giving you improved air quality. Single-stage systems only filter the air as they cycle on and off.

• Silent operation. Because a two-stage furnace cycles through the lower setting first, operators rarely notice the transition from off to low to high settings. When using the right two-stage system, users may barely notice the furnace at all while it’s running.

If you decide that a two-stage heating system is right for you, work with a qualified heating and air technician to find the appropriate size and model for your space. A well-chosen system will deliver reliable heating while saving money over time.

Find Your Two-Stage Heating System at MightyServ

The HVAC specialists at MightyServ understand the climate in southern California. We can help you choose the right two-stage heating system for maximum performance and energy efficiency. Consider our team the next time you need professional assistance with residential or commercial heating and air conditioning.


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