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Why Should I Purchase a Service Agreement?


The question as to what to consider when purchasing a service agreement is one that all HVAC equipment users should ask themselves, and, then, answer relevantly. It is important to have all heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment checked and serviced regularly. Regular maintenance keeps the equipment operating efficiently, up to 30 percent more efficiently and prevents abrupt breakdowns. A service agreement not only gives the HVAC users peace of mind but also saves them money.

Service agreement considerations

Every AC owner and user must consider several things before purchasing a service agreement for his/ her AC. First, he/ she should understand that his/ her AC is made up of various components (some parts are static and others are mobile) that need regular servicing to function optimally. Most of these components need to be checked, cleaned, replaced or repaired accordingly in order to keep the whole AC functioning optimally. AC users should only purchase service agreements from qualified HVAC contractors.

Benefits of a service agreement:

Guarantees AC efficiency

With a service agreement from a professional HVAC contractor, AC users can rest easy knowing that their air conditioner will be checked and serviced regularly. Most HVAC contractors schedule AC check-up and servicing twice a year. During the bi-annual visits, the technicians check all the components of an AC and perform the needed repairs, cleaning or replacement of some of the AC’s components. Unlike check-ups and clean-ups of ACs that are conducted after an AC has broken, regular servicing ensures all components function optimally, which makes the whole AC function energy-efficiently.

Prevents abrupt AC breakdowns

In most cases, abrupt breakdowns can be prevented if only the problems could be detected before they escalate. Dirty filters can be cleaned and or replaced before they get clogged; causing the overworking of other AC components and the eventual breakdown of the AC. Other AC components should be serviced accordingly.

Saves costs

Most HVAC professionals offer their clients a discount for purchasing a service agreement rather than calling them when their ACs breakdown. HVAC owners should consider purchasing service agreements because, although they may seem more frequent than waiting for an AC to be checked once it breaks down, they cost less money than fixing or replacing a broken AC. Professional HVAC contractors can prolong the life of an AC, ensure its efficiency and prevent abrupt breakdowns of the AC by simply ensuring all its components are maintained at best conditions.


Every HVAC user should know what to consider when purchasing a service agreement from an authentic HVAC contractor. Scheduled maintenance guarantees check-up and relevant servicing of an AC before problems develop or even escalate; guaranteeing efficiency of the equipment. Benefits of a service agreement include saved costs (as contractors may give discounts) and guaranteed AC efficiency. Call us or fill out this form for all of your home HVAC needs.


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