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Why You Should Care About Maintaining Your Home’s HVAC


Did you know that your HVAC should be inspected about twice a year? With spring right around the corner, you’ll want your AC to be checked out so you and your family can be as comfortable as possible once the heat hits. Once the colder months of the year roll back around, it is important to make sure that your home’s heater is in proper working order. Neglecting regular maintenance for your HVAC can cause you to run into some costly problems. Be wary of these serious issues that you can run into:

Bad air quality in your home

It is much more likely that you will experience more sick days during the winter than you would in the summer. This is due greatly to a lowered immune system in the colder months. However, if you are breathing in dirty air due to a heater that isn’t working properly, this will not help you in your efforts to stay healthy. If you regularly maintain your heater, you will have much cleaner air to breathe in your home.

Costly repairs that could have been avoided

If you were to never change the oil in your car, you would eventually have to invest in a whole new engine. Maintaining your HVAC is as important as tending to the oil in your car. If you neglect to regularly maintain your appliance, you will most likely have to end up replacing big and expensive components which could have easily been avoided.

Fires caused by a faulty heater

One of the most devastating things that can happen from a lack of HVAC maintenance is a house fire. Filters that aren’t cleaned out can be a huge fire hazard. If there are any faulty parts in your heater, they can create sparks that would set off a fire. Our professionals will be able to help you discover if there are any issues with your heater that need to be addressed in order to avoid a fire.

Here at MightyServ, formally MightyServ, we understand just how important it is to regularly maintain your home’s HVAC. Contact us today to schedule one of our consultations about our maintenance plans. Our friendly, professional team will be able to help you find the best plan for you and your HVAC.


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