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Your home checklist for spring


Many people think of Spring and their minds immediately go to cleaning. While spring cleaning should be a large portion of your spring home maintenance, maintaining other household areas such as the various systems, appliances, and structures is even more important.

For example, during annual spring cleaning homeowners are likely to devote time to ensure their windows are spotless, but how many check their roofs for any damage from weather?

If you want to be well prepared for spring, check out the following maintenance spring checklist to make sure you’re checking every area of your house.


Your windows will almost certainly require some maintenance after the winter weather. Cleaning the windows of your home is a common spring cleaning task that you can easily complete on your own. You only need a bucket, a clean microfiber cloth, white vinegar, water, and a squeegee. Dip the cloth into a solution containing white vinegar and water and scrub the glass to wipe the grime away. When the window is clean, the squeegee will help you remove any residue from cleaning so your windows are clear as day.

When you’re cleaning your windows be sure to check for drafts that could affect your home’s cooling abilities this summer. Another overlooked area: check to ensure the window screens do not have any holes: you don’t want to leave an entrance for insects trying to escape the heat.


Just as you prepare your heater in the fall, spring is the best time of year to ensure that your air conditioning system is in top shape for summer. Some areas to check in particular: check the draining pans that are working fine, change the filter if necessary, and check if there are any leaks in the hose connections.

Moreover, get rid of any dust on the connections and the unit. If dust clogs up, it can compromise the effectiveness of the air conditioning. If you noticed any problem with the air conditioning system earlier, now is the best time to get it fixed; call our professional team and we’ll send someone out to do your spring maintenance and examine your AC to ensure your home stays cool.


Warmer weather means bugs will try to seek refuge from the heat. Look for signs of insect infestation in your home. In addition, watch out for mold, which usually looks like black or gray stained blotches. To prevent the growth of mold and deter insects, your home requires proper ventilation and insulation. MightyServ technicians can help you choose the insulation that’s right for your home’s needs.


It is not easy to hardscape in winter because of the colder temperatures. Before spring sets in, check the walkways and driveway for any signs of damage. Cracks in the concrete can easily be filled; you can even do the repair on your own. However, it should be warned that severe damage to asphalt or concrete could require a professional repair or replacement completed by a specialist.

Outdoor Areas

As stated earlier, in winter the cold weather and increase in moisture can be hard on any woodwork outside of your home, such as on railings and decks. Now that it’s spring and we want to spend time outside, pressure washing your deck to clean off any grime or bacteria that may have started to grow with all the rain and cover smaller wood fixtures when they aren’t in use to protect them from the elements.

Make sure that you also look for any signs of damage on the wood so that you can get any structural repairs done before the problem becomes severe.

Irrigation System/Sprinkler

It is equally important to check the irrigation and sprinkler system to make sure that you’re able to save the most water this summer. First and foremost, run the system and check all the areas as you walk your property. Check to make sure all the sprinkler heads are in good shape.

Change any heads that sprinkle water toward your house and windows, as this could lead to moisture damage problems.

Spring home maintenance is more than just cleaning your home’s window and decluttering your possessions. Keep your home healthy and happy and it will do the same for you and your family. Contact MightyServ for any and all air quality services, insulation installations, and HVAC maintenance and repairs.


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