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4 Essential Tips for Emergency HVAC Repairs


Many homeowners don’t know enough about cooling systems. Tackling air conditioning challenges becomes more intimidating. You can always call an AC repair technician to identify and fix system issues.

Below are some common cooling system issues and what you can do about them before your technicians arrive.

AC Won’t Turn On

  • Check the Thermostat Settings. Your thermostat should be set below the home’s temperature. On programmable models, make sure it is not set to the hold or vacation mode pausing your active settings.
  • Check the Power. Check your unit’s power sources. The exterior unit must be exactly plugged in, and the switch near the condenser should be set to “on”. Ensure that the breakers to the condenser and air handler are not tripped.
  • Check the Air Filter. Clogged air filters prevent the system from firing up. Replace dirty filters or give reusable filters a good cleaning.

No Cool Air

  • Check the Air Filter. A blocked filter prevents cold air to travel through the ducts into your home. Replace your clogged air filter or clean your reusable filter. Reinsert the filter in the appropriate direction.
  • Check the Ducts. Duct leaks reduce the supply of cool air. Duct leaks waste up to 30 percent of energy, thus the air coming through your registers may not be cool.
  • Inspect Your Ducts for Disconnected Sections, Holes, and Gaps. If you feel comfortable, seal minor leaks on your own using mastic. Don’t use duct tape because it loses its sealing ability.

System Ices Over

  • Turn Off the Air Conditioner. Switch off the breakers that supply the AC unit. Turn off the power switches at the furnace and near the condensing unit.
  • Allow Your Air Conditioner to Thaw Out. Let your air conditioner thaw for at least a day. Ensure that the coils have thawed completely. Towel dry any pooled water or condensation on the unit.
  • Turn the Air Conditioner Back On. Turn the breakers back on. Use the thermostat to turn the unit back on and check if the fans are working.
  • Replace Your Air Filter. Replacing your filter improves airflow from the air conditioner to your living areas.

Solving Your HVAC Woes

When an easy air conditioner fix doesn’t work, turn to an experienced HVAC professional. MightyServ offers 24/7 emergency services. Our well-trained technicians work on all types of systems and can repair any kind of AC problem. You can reach us at (818) 348-4768 or complete our form. We have the expertise to help solve your HVAC woes.


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