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Business Owner’s Guide to Commercial HVAC Installation Cost


If your business is in the market for a new commercial HVAC system, you may have a hard time interpreting the installation quotes you receive from various contractors. There’s also a pretty good chance that you may not fully understand the available equipment options or installation requirements. Lack of knowledge in these areas can lead to unnecessary expenses and confusion. Fortunately, you can improve your understanding of commercial HVAC installation costs by following a few simple guidelines.

Get a Thorough Cost Breakdown

Contractors who specialize in commercial HVAC systems may use a number of different methods to quote your installation expenses. This means that services grouped together by one contractor may be listed as separate expenses by another contractor. You can eliminate any potential confusion by asking each firm you’re considering for the job to submit a complete cost breakdown that covers all aspects of the proposed installation from beginning to end.

Familiarize Yourself With System Types and Manufacturers

In addition to standard heating and cooling technology, the commercial HVAC market includes modern technologies such as chilled beam systems, VAV (variable air volume) systems and VRF (variable refrigerant flow) systems. In terms of cost versus long-term benefit, each of these approaches has its pluses and minuses. You may find that a system that costs more to install will actually produce significant savings over time when compared to another system that costs less to install. The same general cost-versus-benefit principle also applies to commercial HVAC manufacturers. Installation of a cheaper product today may produce unnecessary replacement costs later down the line.

Budget for Ducts and Pipes

The ductwork and piping required to operate a commercial HVAC system may add substantially to your installation costs, especially if you don’t plan to reuse the ducts and pipes from a previously installed system. You also need to consider the impact of your ongoing business operations. If you plan to stay open to the public will HVAC work is performed, your contractor may charge more in order to offset the expense of a more complicated installation environment.

Budget for System Controls

Don’t forget the need to control your new HVAC system. If you’re installing a system in a large commercial building, you may need to pay for the installation of dozens or even hundreds of thermostat control points. Your expenses may also go up if your contractor needs to make modern temperature controls compatible with traditional thermostats.

Ask Your Contractor About Maintenance Services

Maintenance is crucial to health of your new HVAC system, which means you can’t skimp in this area. Some commercial contractors provide maintenances services for the products they sell and install. However, other contractors don’t consider these services to be part of the deal. Before you can accurately estimate your costs, you’ll need to know your chosen contractor’s maintenance policy.

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