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Energy Saving Technologies for Your Business


MightyServ appreciates the fact that heating, ventilation and air conditioning accounts for over 50 percent of your energy bill. In a bid to help businesses to minimize their energy consumption and increase their energy savings, we can implement any of the following energy saving technologies:

Thermal Energy Storage

In commercial establishments, the electricity tariff is designed in such a way that the cost per unit during peak hours (normal working hours) is much higher than off-peak rates. We can help you implement a thermal energy storage technology that makes use of affordable electricity at night and stores the cooling energy for use during peak hours, when the unit cost of electricity is highest. This is done by freezing water at night. During normal working hours, the chilled water or ice is used to cool the business premise. The energy savings attributed to thermal energy storage can be quite significant, so every business owner needs to consider implementing the technology.

Adjustable Speed Drives (ASD)

Speed drives are sophisticated electronic devices designed to control the speed of motors based on user settings, programmed instructions or demand. When your HVAC needs are minimal, the ASD can reduce the speed of blower and fan motors. The latest HVAC systems come with ASD technology. If you have an older system, however, we can help you install ASD’s.

Desiccant Dehumidification

We know that cooling humid air is an energy-intensive process that can increase your utility bills. Dehumidification is therefore required. Energy savings from this technology can be attributed to the removal of excess moisture from air circulating in the business premise. A liquid desiccant solution simply absorbs excess moisture from air, making it easier for the A/C to cool the building energy efficiently.

Demand Controlled Ventilation

As the name suggests, the technology ensures that fans in the ventilation system only work when ventilation is needed. The technology uses carbon dioxide sensors fitted with economizers to turn the ventilation system on and off with the aim of maintaining appropriate air levels in the building. This technology basically prevents over-ventilation, which can lead to huge energy loses.

At MightyServ, we can assess your needs and propose the most suitable energy saving technologies.

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