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HVAC Sounds: If You Hear This, Call Us Now!


The sounds of our home appliances have a funny way of fading into background noise. The churn of the dishwasher, the tumbling of the clothes dryer, and the white noise of an air conditioner can even be soothing! So, it makes sense for an unfamiliar noise to be startling and concerning. If you’re reading this blog, you’ve likely narrowed down the clangs, buzzing, or screeching to your heater or air conditioner

Before we go any further, we need to be clear: any unfamiliar sounds from your heater or air conditioner are a sure sign that you need a repair. Heating and cooling equipment should operate quietly. So if your HVAC unit is sounding more like a… unique… instrument, it’s important to call a trained professional to investigate. Even if your unit is still cooling or heating your home, these funny sounds are an audible cue that there is a problem. And these seemingly insignificant problems don’t go away – they persist, and often develop into major problems. When you reach out to a professional for repair, it’s helpful to share whether the sound happens all the time while the unit is running or if it is sporadic.

In this article, we’re describing the most common heating and air conditioning sounds you might hear and what each of them could mean. 

Banging, Thumping, or Rattling Sounds

Rattling, banging, or thumping sounds are the most common and these noises can result from many different problems. Without looking at your unit and diagnosing the issue in-person, there’s just no way to tell exactly what the problem is. 

If this sound is coming from above your ceiling, it could be a ductwork problem. Ductwork that’s wearing down with time – or ductwork that wasn’t properly installed to begin with – can create interesting noises. There could be an issue with the air pressure in your ducts, which can be solved with duct sealing

However, if you’re positive that the rattling or banging sound is coming from a piece of equipment, it’s likely there’s a loose component. Components that are not secure can make rattling noises when your heating or cooling equipment operates and creates vibration. Tightening a part is a simple fix, but it’s still best if a professional takes care of this repair. A good HVAC technician will look for other parts that need tightening or lubrication as a preventative measure.

Screaming or Squealing Sounds

High-pitched sounds like screeching and squealing are the second most common, but they are number one in the most irritating to live with. If your unit is making one of these noises, our guess is that your unit is well past its prime.  

Air conditioning units made 10-20 years ago use a belt-driven motor. Just like other mechanics that use belts, like cars and clothes dryers, that unpleasant squealing noise crops up when the belt loosens. The solution is to replace the belt, and we can definitely help with that. We’d also urge you to think about replacing your unit – if your unit is over 10 years old, a new system can be a huge quality of life improvement. You won’t have to worry about repairs for years.

If that squealing noise isn’t a problem with a belt, there are a couple of other possibilities. The bearings on your fan motor could need replacement. Or, potentially, it’s an issue with your compressor. Again, we strongly recommend having a professional NATE certified technician investigate your specific issue. This type of noise is NOT normal! Call us today to get it repaired.

Buzzing, Vibrating, and Rumbling Noises

Popping and buzzing are telltale signs of an electrical problem. Potential source points for an electrical issue could include wiring, motors, or even the connection to the circuit breaker. You get the idea – it could be one or many issues! 

Of all the sounds you could hear, this is one you want taken care of as soon as possible. Call in a trusted professional like MightyServ to investigate.

Talk To Us About Your HVAC Noises!

We’ve been repairing heating and cooling units in the San Fernando Valley area since 1963. Trust us when we say- we’ve heard it all! Call us for repair and describe the sound as clearly as you can: hissing, bubbling, screeching, squealing, buzzing, clicking, banging, or vibrating. And with the power of technology, you can even record a video on your phone and text it to us. When we have a better understanding of the problems you’re facing, we can be prepared to fix it fast. 

Remember: sounds will only get weirder (and louder!) so call for repair as soon as you’re able. MightyServ is your trusted partner in keeping your home comfort system in top shape. Call us now at 818.348.4768. 

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