Making the Right Choice: Replace or Repair My Equipment?


The act of replacing or repairing your air conditioner is not one that should be taken lightly. It is very important especially because it relates directly to the quality of life you lead. There are essential questions to ask when contemplating on whether to repair or replace it. Has it exhausted its useful life? How much have I spent so far on its repairs? For how long have used this air conditioner?

Consult an expert
Most experts especially those you have heard long working relations with will give you an excellent report on things as they stand. This will enable you make the right decision on the course of action to take. An expert will be able to determine the extent of damage to the equipment and the probability of lasting for a certain period after a repair.

As equipment ages its level of inefficiency increases and should therefore be replaced. The machine may have exhausted its useful life and all it does is break down. When a machine is constantly in need of repair, then it is high time you replaced it. If it is just few times, then it can be repaired and used for a while.

Cost of repair
Sometimes the cost of repair may be as high as the cost of replacement. If your machinery has used up a lot of money in repairs, then you need to consider replacing it. If you do not, you will continue using up your money for repairs only to realize the machine cannot be repaired any more a few months down the line. Instead of spending substantial amounts in repair, you had rather purchase a new conditioner.

Power bills
As the machine becomes inefficient, it will require more power to function. This will gradually increase your power bills to an unmanageable level. If this happens, then your machine is up for replacement. If the power bills do not show any sign of gradual increases, you can still use the conditioner for a few more years.

Should I replace or repair my equipment is a decision that requires a lot of thought. Make the right choice to prevent the recurrence of problems, wastage of precious resources and time. Maybe you may have some questions on your HVAC systems or a comment. If so, feel free to call or fill out a form to reach us.


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