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Standby generators available


Power outages and fluctuations cost the U.S. $30 billion in productivity annually. But there is protection from an unexpected power outage for the average homeowners: adding automatic power generators to their total heating and cooling systems.

The Automatic Home Standby Generator from Carrier is more convenient and more powerful than retail portable generators, offering homeowners the ability to restore power and maintain a relatively normal routine during power outages. Unlike portable generators that must be refilled with gas, using up to 400 gallons over a two-week span, the Automatic Home Standby Generator is powered by natural or LP gas and is permanently fixed outside the home. When power outages occur, the system automatically senses loss of electricity and restores power to the selected circuits in about 30 seconds.

The Carrier generator enables the continuous operation of vital equipment in the home powering up to 12 circuits. Now, during power outages a resident can enjoy a safe, comfortable and inhabitable home without any interruption of service from electrical appliances like heating and cooling systems, refrigerators and freezers, TV’s and much more.

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