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Stop Mold Growth In Your Office’s HVAC


Most of today’s businesses have an HVAC system which is harboring some level of mold growth. Mold cannot be avoided, but it is possible to keep its growth under control. The more mold, the more likely your employees will suffer from respiratory problems aggravated by the mold growth. Mold can be unnoticeable, but it could also be indicated by employees suffering from respiratory problems. This is especially probable if they already suffer from asthma, allergies or other respiratory illnesses. The best way to tackle this problem is to stop mold growth from growing to an excessive level.

How To Effectively Stop Mold Growth

The most effective way to control mold growth is to clean the HVAC system regularly. First turn the HVAC system off before you begin cleaning it. Clean the entire system with a disinfectant and apply a mold inhibitor. Your cleaning efforts should include the ductwork, filters and fan blades. Use a wet vacuum to clean up any standing water as mold needs water to grow. After cleaning the ductwork, filters and fan blades, you must allow them to dry thoroughly before turning the system back on.

It’s important to clean and or replace the HVAC filters regularly to ensure proper ventilation. Proper air flow is essential for keeping your HVAC system dry and less conducive for the growth of mold. As long as the system is cleaned regularly and kept as dry as possible, mold growth should be limited.

Regular Maintenance Is Important

To stop mold growth, you simply have to be aware of the fact that it is always growing somewhere in your space. The important thing is that it not be allowed to grow unchecked. Your company may already be hearing complaints from employees about their health. Uncontrolled mold growth could already be responsible for encouraging illnesses. This could be tested by evaluating whether or not the complaints are mostly coming from one particular area of your work premises. Hiring an HVAC professional to clean your system will help identify excessive mold growth in any specific area.

Our HVAC professionals will start looking for mold in the area where most of the complaining employees work. Then we can clean your whole system and keep it cleaned regularly to prevent a recurrence of the same health problems. Click Here to read more about our Commercial HVAC Services.


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