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Summer Heat Brings Air Conditioning Boost


With the sizzling summer temperatures taking over much of the United States, air conditioning sales and air conditioning repairs have surged. Though, people enjoy the outdoors, swimming, and the sports of July and August, nothing beats running into a nice, cool, air conditioned room.

From the over 100 degree New York temperatures, to the San Fernando Valley of California blazing summer heat, residents are flocking to their local air conditioning repair shops and researching ways to stay cool.

Air conditioning service technicians, A/C installers, and commercial air conditioning high-end experts, stay ready and equipped to bring in the cool temperatures, in every circumstance, and with some helpful tips included:

Keeping your A/C unit running at peak performance during the summer months requires regular air conditioning maintenance and a simple thermostat bump up to 75 degrees. This minor adjustment allows for a cool down and results in savings.


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