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Tips to Improve Central Air Conditioning System Efficiency


A central air conditioning system has become a necessity when regulating indoor climate, but it can be an energy drain. If you are to rely on it for comfort, you ought to run it efficiently. Otherwise, it can beat the heat and give your pocket a beating at the same time.

As a responsible homeowner, use these tips to maximize your central air conditioner’s efficiency:

Use Thermostat to Good Effect

Did you know that you save about 3% to 5% on your cooling costs whenever you raise your thermostat by a degree? If you use your AC a lot, tiny energy savings will add up and noticeably lower your utility bills.

Set your thermostat thoughtfully and adjust it based on your equipment’s cooling load in a particular location at a particular time. For instance, turning up your thermostat several degrees when heat isn’t a concern or when nobody’s going to use the room is good practice.

Leave Windows Closed

It should go without saying, but make sure your windows are closed and locked whenever your AC is on. If you can get by with just natural ventilation, turn off your cooling equipment. If you are to use it, eliminate air leakage in the room to avoid wasting energy and giving your air conditioner a needless burden.

Complement the AC With Ventilators

If you have fans, switch them on at the same time with your AC. This way, you can afford to turn up the thermostat several degrees. The combination of these two units allows you to reach your comfort range faster while keeping energy consumption to a minimum.

Take Routine Tune-Ups Seriously

All air conditioning units, especially central air conditioning systems, run with greater efficiency when every component is in good shape. Regular maintenance helps make sure that your unit has adequate refrigerant, clean air filters, and airtight ductwork.

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