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Smart Homes

Top Smart Devices to Consider for a Connected Home


Smart homes used to exist only in movies, but today they are a reality. Just about anything can be connected, from cars to refrigerators and even lamps. Connecting your home has many benefits, including improved energy efficiency and convenience. 

With smart reporting, a connected home can also give you a better idea of how your home is running on a day-to-day basis. If you are looking to add some smart home features to your life, here are four devices to consider.

1. Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats are becoming an increasingly popular upgrade for homeowners. 

Connected thermostats, such as the Google Nest Thermostat, allow you to program your temperature from your smartphone or another connected device no matter where you are. That means you no longer have to worry about remembering to adjust the setting every time you leave home. 

Other features are included with smart thermostats, such as motion sensing and even artificial intelligence that learns your daily habits. Smart thermostats can bring added convenience to your home, give you more control, and help you save energy.

2. Smart Video Doorbell

Doorbells used to be primitive devices with only one function. Today, they are much more sophisticated and can give you visibility into what’s going on at your home at all times. Smart video doorbells keep an eye out for activity 24/7 and can notify you whenever there is motion near your front door. 

Smart doorbells also allow you to communicate with someone outside, whether it is an unwanted visitor or a delivery person. Video doorbells are an easy way to maintain the purpose of your existing doorbell while also giving you a lot more access and functionality.

3. Smart Plug

With modern technology, you no longer have to replace your belongings to make them “smart.” With smart plugs, your existing lamps, electronics, and anything else that plugs into the wall can be connected. 

Smart plugs allow you to see what is plugged in and using energy at any given time. They can also break out energy reports to show you which devices are using the most power on any given day. 

No need to worry that you accidentally left on a light, because you can control the power remotely from any connected device. In just a few minutes, you can upgrade the electronics in your home to connected devices.

4. Home Assistant

Investing in a connected home assistant is one of the easiest ways to bring added convenience to your life. Home assistants are there to help you 24/7, whether you forgot the name of a celebrity, need to order milk, or want to play your favorite song. 

Home assistants can do everything from reminding you of important dates (or to take medication) to reading you the daily news clips. These devices are also highly customizable, so you can program them exactly how you want them to help you with your everyday life. 

Your Trusted LA Partner for Connected Homes

MightyServ is a trusted partner of Nest, one of the industry leaders in smart home technology. 

Our team of technicians is trained to properly install the entire line of Nest and Google products. Not only will we install your smart devices but we can also show you how to use them and help you set up the programming. 

We’ve been in the business for over 50 years, but we pride ourselves on keeping up with the latest innovations and technology. Whether you are looking to upgrade a single device or to connect your entire home, the experts at MightyServ can help. 

With our expert services, you’ll be enjoying the benefits of a smart home in no time. Call us today to get started with your smart home project.


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