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Tips For Google Nest Thermostat

Tips for Your New Google Nest Thermostat


Congratulations! You’re the owner of a new Google Nest Thermostat, which means you’re officially on the connected home train. If you’re here, it’s because you’re excited about your new smart thermostat or you are afraid… very afraid. Either way, we have some tips that will help maximize all the features of your new Nest thermostat. 

MightyServ is a Nest Pro Elite Installer. That means we have extensive training in installing, programming, and troubleshooting all the Google Nest products. We are the first to receive news and education about the Google Nest suite of products. If your Google Nest thermostat is still sitting in the box waiting to be connected, reach out to us for a hassle-free installation. 

Tip 1: Control Your Thermostat With Smart Devices

For years and years, if you wanted to change the temperature setpoint of your HVAC, you had to walk over to the thermostat. No more! You can break yourself of that habit by using your smart devices to control your thermostat settings. 

Install the Nest app on your iPhone or other smart device to adjust the temperature from anywhere. You can also connect your thermostat to your smart speaker and simply call out “Hey Google, make it warmer.” And if you’re plugging away at your desk, you can make changes on the Nest website

If you’ve never had a connected thermostat before, you’ll wonder why anyone would need so much remote control. Most people instantly understand when you can turn up the heat from beneath the cozy covers of your bed.

Tip 2: Monitor Humidity With the Nest

Although we often talk about air temperature, it’s only one part of the equation. The moisture content of air can dramatically affect your thermal comfort. Just think: a day with 100% humidity (Frizzy hair! Sticky skin!) feels very different from a day with 20% humidity (Chapped lips! Itchy skin!). The same is true for the air inside your home. In fact, the ideal humidity level is between 40-60%.

Because Los Angeles can be extremely dry, while areas closer to the coast can be very humid, it’s important to keep tabs on humidity levels. The Nest Thermostat comes with a built-in humidity sensor to gauge the moisture content of the air inside your home. If you find your humidity levels are too low or too high, reach out to us. We can inspect your HVAC system to see if it’s operating properly. And if we think it’s necessary, we’ll recommend a whole-home humidifier or dehumidifier to manage your humidity levels.

Tip 3: Allow Your Thermostat to Program Itself

Heating and AC make up 44% of your utility bills. You can save a boatload on energy costs by ensuring your HVAC only operates when you really need it. 

You might be familiar with scheduling from your current thermostat. Technology has come a long way since the smart thermostats of just a few years ago. Programmable thermostats are one step in the right direction, but usually you can only program 2 or 3 temperature changes. And getting those schedules set up can be complicated and time-consuming. 

The advanced learning functions of the Google Nest make it a green and eco friendly product. Just set the thermostat to your comfort levels for the first few days, and it will learn from your behaviors. Then, the Nest creates a custom schedule just for you. The motion sensors will detect when you’re away, so no need to worry about changing the temperature settings when you leave the home. 

Call MightyServ with your Google Nest Questions

A Google Nest thermostat is the first step into a more convenient, more comfortable, and more connected home. As one of the few Nest Pro Elite Installers in the area, we can help with all your Google Nest needs. So when you’re ready to add on to your connected home, contact us for recommendations on other products like the Nest Protect, Nest Hello, and Nest Indoor Cameras. Our team will make your transition to a smart home seamless. Get started today!


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