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What Does The Air Handler Do For My HVAC System?


An air handler is a unit within the HVAC system which serves to monitor, regulate and circulate air within a residential home or commercial building structure. It contains different components which push and regulate air. It improves system efficiency in a bid to maintain and enhance comfort. The good thing is that, we MightyServ, provide all solutions in heating and cooling to meet all your needs.

Basics Of An Air Handler

The HVAC system provides conditioned air which must be circulated. Air handlers regulate and pushes the conditioned air with the aid of vital components like the blower, controls, heating and cooling elements as well as the mixing chamber, evaporator coils and humidifier. An air filter is fitted to trap dust and dirt so as to ensure efficiency and high quality air is in circulation. Air handlers connect the furnace and the duct work.

Types Of Air Handlers

At MightyServ, we offer a wide range air handlers which come with unique features. For instance, a single speed air handler has a fan and motor which operates at a constant speed. A five speed is similar to the single speed only that it works faster providing more accuracy and optimal efficiency. A variable speed air handler works at different levels to give variable conditions depending on your requirements. When you visit MightyServ, our technicians and sales persons will attend to you cordially in explaining the available options.

Impact Of HVAC System Maintenance On Air Handlers

Preventive maintenance of heating and cooling system is important in extending the life of your air handler as well as improving performance. It is crucial that you contact us for routine maintenance as well as conducting upgrades. This is because an air handler contains vital components which must be checked regularly to promote optimum level efficiency in circulating air throughout your home.

Be sure to contact us because we offer efficient, durable and affordable air handlers and other HVAC equipment. Unlike other companies, we’re family owned, we offer free quotes and inancing options and carry out affordable maintenance.

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