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What Los Angeles Homeowners Need To Know About LADWP’s Electrification Program


There’s a buzz around California, and it could mean big changes for homeowners. Electrification is all the talk with local utility providers. Something is coming, and you might wonder… what is it, exactly? 

The state of California has aggressive goals related to climate change. In action, this means reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Studies have revealed that buildings in California, like single-family homes, account for a significant portion of greenhouse gas emissions. Reducing the emissions from buildings is an important endeavor in the effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and slow climate change. 

What Does Electrification Mean? 

Electrification means switching a building from multiple energy sources to 100% electricity. 

Greenhouse gas emissions come from the energy we use in our homes: both electricity and natural gas. And while electricity use has been on the decline in California, there has been almost no change in natural gas usage. That’s where electrification comes in. 

Local utility companies, including LADWP, commissioned a study to determine how effective electrification would be in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The study also provided recommendations on how to implement electrification. 

The study revealed that an all-electric home would produce 45% fewer greenhouse gas emissions than a home with mixed fuel sources. That percentage increases over time, because the state is working on cleaner sources for electricity. The study estimates that in 2050, a home powered only by electricity would produce 82% fewer emissions than a mixed fuel home.

The conclusion is that building electrification is an important effort in California’s mission to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We expect to see local utility providers like LADWP start implementing programs that encourage Californians to make changes to their homes. 

How Electrification Impacts Los Angeles Homeowners

Based on the results and recommendations of the electrification study, it’s safe to assume that electrification is coming to the Los Angeles area. We expect that LADWP will implement programs to incentivize homeowners to electrify their home. 

From an HVAC perspective, you’ll be hearing a lot more about heat pump systems. Heat pumps use electricity to provide both cooling and heating. That makes them an excellent choice for home electrification. We expect that LADWP will target the most energy efficient heat pumps for incentive programs,  like the Carrier Greenspeed Intelligence System. Another option for homeowners looking to go all-electric will be ductless mini-splits and VRF systems

Here are some electrification programs we might see from LADWP: 

  • Incentives like rebates, which help offset the cost of a new electric heating and cooling system.
  • Early replacement programs which provide incentives to replace a gas furnace with an electric alternative before it stops working, instead of after it breaks down. 
  • On-bill financing options, like “Pay As You Save (PAYS)” programs, where you pay your new heating and cooling system with the energy savings from the system replacement. 

Benefits of Electric HVAC Systems

If you’ve had a furnace your entire life, don’t worry. Change isn’t always bad! In fact, replacing your furnace with a heat pump has several benefits. First, you’ll be able to take advantage of all the cost-savings associated with utility incentives for making the switch to electric. Once the system is installed, you can save between $10-$60 per month on energy bills every single month. Finally, you’ll know that you’re doing your part to slow climate change. 

Start your research on a replacement HVAC system today! MightyServ has been installing all-electric heating and cooling systems across the San Fernando Valley for decades. We’d be happy to walk you through the pros and cons of each and what makes the most sense for your home. Our knowledgeable technicians serve Canoga Park, San Fernando Valley and surrounding areas. Contact us today!


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