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Energy Efficient Air Conditioners

Energy Efficient Air Conditioners for Los Angeles Homes


Homeowners in Los Angeles looking to replace their air conditioners consider many variables before purchasing. Again and again, our customers cite energy efficiency as a key consideration in their decision making. Installing an energy-efficient air conditioner is not only the eco-friendly choice, it can put a serious dent in your electricity bills. In this article, we wanted to explain the latest technology for energy efficient air conditioners and what LA homeowners should investigate before buying. 

Variable Speed, Multi-Speed, or Single Speed AC Units

One of the biggest differentiators in air conditioner efficiency is compressor speed. Your air conditioning compressor increases the pressure of your refrigerant, which enables the cooling process. There are three types of air conditioning compressors:

Single speed – you are probably most familiar with air conditioners that have a single speed compressor. These units turn on and off like a light switch – there is no in between. 

Multi-speed – some compressors can operate at specific speeds, like a ceiling fan with low, medium, and high settings. These systems are sometimes called 2-stage or 3-stage systems.

Variable-speed – compressors that run with variable speed are like a light fixture equipped with a dimmer. Instead of having specific speed settings, a variable speed compressor varies its operation to match the needs of your home. 

Air conditioners with a variable speed compressor are the most efficient systems on the market. Multi-stage or multi-speed systems fall in the next category; the more stages a multi-speed unit offers, the more efficient it will be. Single-speed air conditioning units are the least efficient of all. 

Carrier Greenspeed® Intelligence Systems

If you’re looking for the best, look no further than the industry expert in air conditioning: Carrier. After all, they are the ones that invented air conditioning to begin with! Carrier released new Carrier Greenspeed Intelligence units that are equipped with variable speed compressors.

As a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, our team has installed our fair share of Carrier units. Not to mention the thousands of units we service and maintain across the Los Angeles area. So trust us when we say that the new Greenspeed Intelligence units are seriously impressive. Our favorite features include:

  • Innovative Built-in Technology – Greenspeed Intelligence units are the best choice for homeowners seeking a connected home. These smart AC units connect to your WiFi and download software updates, without ever needing a visit from one of our friendly technicians (we’ll miss you!). 
  • Quietest AC Unit – Let’s face it – air conditioners can be loud. You may have even grown accustomed to the sudden noise of an A/C banging on in the middle of the night. The Carrier Greenspeed Units are 50% quieter than the closest competitor. So now you can enjoy a peaceful night of uninterrupted sleep.
  • Outstanding Energy Efficiency – With variable speed technology, Carrier Greenspeed units can achieve unheard of efficiency. The units are available in up to 26 SEER. That’s as good as you can get! 

Mightyserv: Your Energy Efficiency Experts!

We understand the importance of conserving energy. By limiting the amount of energy we consume, we are doing our part to preserve the environment. Not to mention the savings on utilities. Even in mild California, choosing a unit like the Carrier Greenspeed Intelligence air conditioner can make a tremendous difference on your electricity bill. Call us for a free quote on a new Carrier system. We are standing by to schedule your appointment! Call us at (818) 348-4768.


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