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What’s in the Air Conditioning Repairman’s Bag


Doing air conditioning maintenance yourself is impractical and unwise. Proper equipment is a prerequisite for a successful air conditioning repair. It takes a lot of money to have the right toolkit, and a great deal of experience to perform flawless workmanship. If you want to pull the job off the right way, hire a service technician who already has the essential gear.

Here’s what you can find in an air conditioning repair specialist’s bag:


Reliable technicians have a collection of screwdrivers to work on different bolts and screws found in most HVAC systems. They don’t just use the ordinary flat head, hex, and Phillips screwdrivers; they invest in those with insulated handles to protect themselves from electrical shock.


AC repair experts keep an arsenal of pliers and wrenches handy to deal with units linked to plumbing. To work on wiring and other electrical components, these tools also need to have insulated handles to observe safety and efficiency.

Tin Nips and Steel Shears

Sheet metal manipulation is an important part of HVAC repair jobs. Prepared technicians generally bring three types of tin nips to cut metal in different positions and directions with precision. A heavy-duty pair of metal shears with insulated handles is essential when making long, straight cuts.

Reciprocating Saw

When faced with tougher materials, AC techs find reciprocating saws as an invaluable tool for flexibility. Considering the complicated tasks and the hazards that come with them, smart technicians spend good money on products with quality construction.

Vacuum Pump

Refrigerant leakage is one of the most common air conditioner problems. HVAC experts depend on vacuum pumps to identify leaks before reloading the system with refrigerant. Sucking the air and moisture out of AC lines is a smart preventive measure to prevent material waste and unit failure.

Refrigerant Scale

Used to ensure that the right amount of refrigerant is charged into the AC, this tool is a godsend. An insufficient supply would affect the system’s ability to maintain the desired indoor temperature. Too much, however, and it would create a high-pressure system within the unit, leading to straining the compressor and shortening its lifespan.

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