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Winter Safety


Surprising as it may sound, residents of Southern California should be mindful of winter safety tips. Although snow and icy conditions are rare in our forecast (never say never!) homeowners should remain vigilant. As the premier service provider of heating services in the San Fernando Valley, our team here at MightyServ takes changes in the weather seriously. 

Considerations for California Residents in the Colder Months

First, the health and safety of your family is the top priority. A cold home is not just uncomfortable – it can actually cause hypothermia. Also, don’t forget about the comfort of your pets! Some animals and reptiles require warmer temperatures to stay healthy. One other item to consider is electronics and other devices that must be stored in conditioned spaces to keep them working. 

Separately, indoor air quality becomes more of a concern in the winter months. Any heat source fueled by natural gas will generate some carbon monoxide; if it does not vent the odorless gas to the outdoor space, it can be dangerous for your family. And don’t forget: the winter months are prime time for the flu season. 

Winter Safety Precautions

Here are some things you can do to protect your family this winter: 

  • Install a CO monitor and test it regularly – every home in southern California should have carbon monoxide detectors. Test your CO monitor at least twice a year – most devices have a simple testing button to check that it’s operating properly. 
  • Keep your heat set at 68 – lower temperatures can help you save on utility bills, but don’t turn your heating off completely. Your family, pets, and even electronics could suffer if it’s too cold in your house. If you have a connected home, your thermostat can automatically learn your behaviors and find that sweet spot between comfort and energy savings.
  • Ensure humidity levels are within acceptable limits – the sweet spot for humidity in your home is between 40-60%. Humidity levels that are higher or lower can be problematic
  • Install whole-home IAQ devices – the Carrier Infinity Air Purifier has been tested by independent labs to capture & kill up to 99% of viruses, including the coronavirus. There is no better way to protect your family from the spread of sickness than to invest in cleaner air.
  • Get your heating system maintained or repaired – your heater needs annual servicing to ensure that it’s functioning safely. And if you know that something isn’t right, make sure you repair your heater right away. 

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