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HVAC Rebates

HVAC Rebates and Federal Tax Credits


Your home’s HVAC system is one of the most expensive items to replace. So, we don’t blame you for trying to find the best possible deal. But did you know that your heating and air conditioning unit is also one of the most expensive appliances to operate? Even with brand new equipment, a shoddy installation or an inefficient unit can result in years of unnecessary expense in the form of high utility bills. That’s where specials and promotions like HVAC rebates and federal tax credits come into play

When you take advantage of deals like rebates and tax credits, you can get a high-quality installation of high-quality equipment for a very reasonable price. MightyServ has been helping homeowners in Los Angeles take advantage of these limited time deals since 1963. We believe in taking care of our customers, which starts with giving you the same information we’d give our own family members. We’ve put together this blog to give you all the info you need, but we will help you with the rebate redemption process every step of the way. 

What’s the difference between an HVAC rebate and tax credit?

An HVAC rebate is a discount on your purchase in the form of cash back. A federal tax credit reduces your tax liability when reporting your income to the IRS. 

You might wonder, why the complexity? When purchasing most items, there are simple sales or specials, like Black Friday deals or Memorial Day special offers. But when it comes to HVAC equipment, the savings come from different organizations and have differing rules. For example, a manufacturer of air conditioners may want to give a special discount on some equipment, while local utility companies seek to incentivize homeowners for a different set of rules. 

The rules and guidelines for rebates and credits can confuse even the smartest among us, but our seasoned team is here to help. In most cases, you simply need to be certain that the equipment you are having installed in your home qualifies for all the special offers – yes, you can double-dip! 

An important note is that in most cases, you’ll pay the full cost of the equipment upfront and receive a refund (or tax credit) for the amount of your rebate. You can make the initial cost of your purchase more palatable by applying for financing. Right now we are offering 0% financing for 12 months with approved credit – that’s a no-brainer!

HVAC Rebates and Tax Credits for Homeowners in Los Angeles

MightServ can help you take advantage of all the rebates and tax credits available. The savings go directly to you – we don’t receive any kind of kickback. Our motive is genuinely to help you get the best price on an energy-efficient HVAC unit.

There are three main offers available at the time of writing this post: 

1 – Carrier Cool Cash

This is the most advantageous HVAC rebate available to homeowners in the San Fernando Valley. The promotion applies to eligible Carrier systems. We are proud to be a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer – which means we can offer these rebates to you as our customers.  When you select a Carrier system for your home, we can help you assess your eligibility for their seasonal manufacturer’s rebates, apply and fill out all documents on your behalf, and route your savings directly to you. 

2 – Local Utility Rebates

Here in Los Angeles, there are utility companies looking to provide rebates to homeowners that invest in energy-efficient HVAC equipment. Companies that provide energy service to residential homes can benefit from homeowners choosing efficient equipment. So, they’ll provide you with a fiscal reward in turn for making an energy-conscious decision. Head to your utility provider’s website to see what rebates they are offering. 

3 – Tax Credits

Yes, it’s true. You can TRIPLE dip on savings by earning a tax credit when you install a new HVAC system. The EnergyStar® website highlights the potential for credit on your federal income tax return. By reporting the purchase of your new, energy-efficient system to the government using Tax Form 5695 you’ll receive a credit on your tax return.  Our team has a lot of experience in filling out these forms accurately and we’d be happy to help you fill it out for your purchase. One important note: the Federal Tax Credit benefit only applies if the system replaced is in your primary residence or at an existing home (not a newly built structure). If you have questions on the ins and outs of this tax credit, we’d be happy to help.

Take Advantage of HVAC Rebates and Federal Tax Credits

There are several rebates and tax credits available right now to make your HVAC purchase more affordable. With all these savings, you need not settle for the cheapest contractor with a questionable reputation. After all, your new HVAC system will serve your home for the next decade or longer. Choose the trusted experts at MightyServ. We’ll provide a no-obligation consultation on a new HVAC system – and then you can decide what’s best for you. When we say we believe in providing the highest level of professionalism, we mean it. Compare for yourself! Call us today at (818) 348-4768 or schedule an appointment online.


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