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AC Blowing warm air

My AC is Blowing Warm Air. What’s Wrong?


California heat is real, and keeping your family cool inside your home matters. So when the indoor temperature rises, it’s definitely cause for concern. Is the air conditioner on? Yep. Is air coming out of the vents? Yep.  But still, it doesn’t seem to be performing the way you’d hope. You aren’t getting that cool breeze you know you need – in fact, the AC is blowing warm air! So what is going on?

Why Is Warm Air Coming Out of My AC Vents? 

Air conditioners make our lives more comfortable. But since air conditioners are machines, there are a lot of reasons they might not be doing exactly what you want them to. 

There are many components that make up your cooling system, so the problem could come from a few different places. In some cases, you will need to reach out to a reputable AC professional to help get you back up and running. But before you make that call, there are several things you can check yourself. Some might resolve your issue entirely, and others will just help you inform your technician with useful information before they arrive at your home.

As always – be sure to take all proper safety precautions before accessing any service areas of your home. 

AC Is Blowing Warm Air? Check the Thermostat First.

If your air is blowing warm, it’s possible (even if unlikely!) that the thermostat is not set to cooling mode. Look at your thermostat mounted on the wall and see what mode it is in. 

Depending on the model of thermostat, you might see words like “Cool”, “Heat”, or “Fan”. If your thermostat is operating in any mode other than “Cool”, that’s your likely warm air culprit. Try changing the mode to “Cool” and see if things get back to normal. 

Some thermostats don’t display the mode in words, instead using symbols such as a snowflake for cooling, a flame for heating, and a fan for fan mode – you might even have a dehumidification mode that’s often shown as a water droplet. If you have a connected home, you might be able to ask your smart speaker which mode your HVAC system is operating in.

Does Your AC System Have Power?

If the thermostat is off, it’s possible that part of your AC system has lost power. One quick thing to check is your electrical breakers. 

Locate the electrical panel for your home and check to see if any breakers have tripped. It’s not uncommon for a sudden electrical demand from your air conditioning system to cause a breaker to trip. If it doesn’t happen frequently, then it’s ok to just reset the breaker and see if everything comes back on and gets you cool air again. 

If your breaker continues to trip even after resetting, it’s time to reach out to an AC or electrical professional.

Check Your Filter!

If you can easily access your indoor air handling unit (AHU) or furnace, it’s always a good idea to check your filter if your AC is underperforming. 

It’s better to be proactive when it comes to changing your filter. Having a maintenance plan can help make sure they are replaced regularly, but anytime you have an issue it is also a good idea to double check. 

Your filter should appear relatively clean. If they look dirty, simply replace it. Be sure to note the arrow on the side for which direction they are meant to be inserted.

Be Careful About Adjusting Air Vents

We notice that customers often close off certain vents in an effort to get better or more cooling to one or more parts of their home.  If you’re feeling warm air it might be a result of restricting this airflow. Try opening up all of the vents to eliminate any restrictions that could be causing the warm air.  While you’re at it, make sure that all ductwork supply and return openings are unobstructed so that air can get out and in where it needs to be!

I Tried Everything. It’s Still Warm. What’s Next?

Time to bring in the professionals at MightyServ. Since you already tried troubleshooting some of the simple fixes, make sure to provide that information when you make the call and again when a service technician arrives.

Our friendly technician will evaluate your AC system for some things that you aren’t able to.  Common issues include: undercharged refrigerant because of a leak, frozen coils, and failed components like capacitors or fans. 

The most important step after you get back to cool air is to do everything you can to keep it from happening again. We encourage all of our customers to consider an ongoing preventive maintenance plan to identify potential problems before they affect you. We offer several maintenance plan options to fit the needs and budget of all of our customers in the San Fernando Valley. Contact us today to get started!


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