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The biggest problem with hvac energy usage, and how you can fix it


Saving money is important to most homeowners, and HVAC energy usage is a major cost that many homeowners can work to decrease over time. However, there are some factors that often hold homeowners back from decreasing energy usage and saving more money on heating and cooling costs.

Though a number of issues can impact HVAC energy usage, perhaps one of the biggest offenders is airflow problems. Below, we’ll go into a bit more detail about the most common signs and causes of airflow issues. Then, we will provide effective solutions so that you can be on your way to saving more energy (and money!) this year.

Signs That You May Have Airflow Issues

The following signs may indicate that you are experiencing HVAC airflow problems:

  • You have hot and cold spots throughout your home.
  • You’re experiencing pressure imbalance around your home as indicated by drafty areas, whistling noises, or doors slamming on their own.
  • Your air conditioner is blowing warm air throughout your home.
  • You feel little to no air coming from your AC registers.

If you are experiencing any of these HVAC issues, this may be a sign that you have an airflow issue. Ignoring the problem can lead to even bigger problems like wear and tear on your system’s equipment or even compressor failure.

Common Causes (and Fixes) for HVAC Airflow Issues

When you restrict HVAC airflow, this can cause your heating and cooling system to work harder than it should to keep your home comfortable. This results in increased energy usage, which can increase your energy bills over time. Below are some of the most common causes for HVAC airflow issues and how to fix them.

  1. Your air vents and registers are blocked.

This is quite common in both homes and office settings, and it is also one of the easiest airflow issues to fix. Sometimes homeowners will block unsightly air vents with furniture or drapes. However, this can mess with your airflow. To fix the issue, simply unblock all air vents and registers and make sure they are open.

  1. The HVAC system’s air filters are clogged.

Your air filter has an important job – removing debris, dust, dander, pollutants, and other particles from the air in your home and keeping it out of your equipment and air ducts. When your filter gets dirty or clogged, this can restrict air flow as well as damage your equipment. Again, the solution to this is simple. Check your air filter once a month, and clean or replace the filter when it gets dirty or clogged.

  1. The outdoor condenser unit is obstructed.

The outdoor component of your air conditioning system needs to be able to breathe a bit. When it is obstructed by leaves or debris, it can overheat. This is another issue that you can fix yourself. Check the outdoor unit periodically to ensure that no greenery or other debris is obstructing the condenser. If you have any shrubbery around the condenser, ensure that it is at least two feet from the unit on all sides. This helps prevent blockage, but it is also necessary to provide enough space for an HVAC technician should your system need to be serviced.

Do you think that you may be experiencing airflow issues? The experts at MightyServ are ready to help you correct these problems so that you and your family can go back to enjoying total home comfort without wasting energy. Call us today for more information:  (818) 348-4768.


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