Why You Should Always Get a Second Opinion on HVAC Replacement


Replacing your HVAC is no small home improvement project. In fact, your home comfort system is the most expensive appliance you own. So when it comes time for replacement, it’s important that you feel confident about all aspects of the replacement. We offer complimentary second opinions on replacements so that homeowners in San Fernando Valley can make informed decisions about their HVAC project.

HVAC Replacement Estimates Will Vary

A common complaint we hear from homeowners is how enormous the range in replacement costs can be. A quote that’s much higher than the others doesn’t always indicate a swindler. Here are some of the key factors that go into estimate pricing: 

  • Equipment size and brand – just like the cost of a smartphone varies depending on brand, style, and storage capacity, HVAC equipment pricing varies similarly. The cost of an HVAC unit depends on whether the brand is high quality or a cheaper knock-off, the size (also known as capacity) of the equipment, and what features a specific style of unit offers. Make sure you’re comparing AC systems with this in mind!
  • Labor rates – the people installing your equipment should be paid for their time and expertise. This cost can vary depending on whether the installation team are highly trained and background-checked NATE-certified technicians, or if they subcontracted the job out (which will result in a lower price).
  • Home layout and construction – the layout of your home could affect your HVAC estimates. For example, if access to your current HVAC equipment requires special equipment, your quote may be higher. Some companies may miss these types of add-ons during the estimate process, and ask you to cover the cost later when they realize it’s a necessity. 
  • Special offers and rebates – discounts, coupons, and special offers like manufacturer rebates can cause quotes to differ by thousands of dollars.

When comparing quotes, be careful to compare apples to apples. Ask each contractor plenty of questions about the quote and installation process. Differences like the ones mentioned above can make a big difference in the bottom line. 

How to Know When To Get A Second Opinion on HVAC Replacement

Here are some scenarios in which we always recommend getting a second opinion: 

  • You get a quote for replacement over the phone without a visit to your home
  • The estimate seems extremely high, especially compared to neighbors
  • The technician determines the size of your new equipment just by looking at the old equipment; they did not perform a manual J load calculation
  • There was no mention of money-saving HVAC rebates or financing offers
  • The contractor doesn’t offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • You feel like you’re being sold or lied to

Look for HVAC contractors with solid business practices in place. A quality HVAC contractor will have excellent reviews and will give you several estimates to choose from based on your needs. You should always expect a home visit to get an estimate on an HVAC replacement, so that the technician can perform a load calculation on your home. Finally, any reputable HVAC replacement service provider will be knowledgeable about the city’s permitting requirements, and they will be licensed & insured. If you have any concerns about the company you received your first quote from, take the time to get a second opinion!

Before You Commit – Get a Second Opinion

HVAC replacements are big, expensive projects. Don’t limit yourself to the first company you call. MightyServ offers FREE second opinions on HVAC replacements. We provide this service at no charge as long as you have a written proposal or invoice from another registered HVAC company. You are under no obligation to use our services – we are simply here to help give you options! To schedule an appointment with our team, call 818.348.4768.


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